Known IssuesΒΆ

HDF Product Designer is still being actively developed. Below is a list of currently known issues or limitations:

  • CF validation using the NCO’s ncdismember tool may not work for the HTTP access. In case the browser window displays a failure to open the page please replace http with https in the URL field and try again. Contact us if even the HTTPS URL fails.
  • Nested compound datatype is not supported.
  • Exporting designs with an array datatype compound field is not yet supported by all source code generators.
  • vlstring (variable-length string) datatype cannot be used as a compound field.
  • Choosing both CF and NUG for conventions when creating a new design is not supported. Select either one only.
  • Convention support works for new designs only. Changing design’s convention later is not supported.
  • Support for the HDF-EOS convention is still in very early stages of development. It will not yield valid HDF-EOS5 template files because it is not possible to assign values to datasets. Specifically, it is not possible to store ODL string into the StructMetadata dataset which is essential for HDF-EOS5 library to access the file.
  • Export as works only for the current working version (label:HEAD).
  • Design/dataset/attribute/group names cannot be longer than 255 characters.
  • The / character is not allowed in object names and will be replaced with the _ character.
  • The size of attribute’s value cannot exceed one gigabyte.
  • There is a 30-second timeout limit for all operations. Typically long executing operations, like template file validation, may fail due to this timeout.
  • Generating HDF5 template files for designs with large (> 64 kB) attributes may fail with an error: Unable to create attribute (object header message is too large).

To report any new issue please visit the issue tracking website. (NASA Earthdata login required.)