Getting Started

Preparing to use HDF Product Designer is very simple with only a few steps.


Pre-built binary packages for the Windows, macOS, or Linux platforms are available from here. The binaries will work as is, no additional software tools or libraries are needed. After successful download, double click on the icon to launch Product Designer.

For the macOS binary, drag & drop the from the HPD drive into the Application folder. Then double click the application. Typically a security exception is required to open applications from unknown developers. Please follow these instructions in that case.

When the application is installed correctly and starts successfully, it will display a login window requesting user information for the NASA Earthdata authentication service.

If a new version is available the login window will also display a hyperlink next to the Login button with the text: New version x.y.z of HPD is available! (Fig. 1). Clicking the hyperlink will open a browser window with the web page from which the latest version of the HPD binaries can be downloaded.


Fig. 1 New version notification hyperlink next to the Login button

User Authentication

HDF Product Designer does not collect or store any user information that can be used for authentication. It relies instead on each user’s organization to provide such service for them.

Upon first-time successful authentication, user’s name (first and last) and email address are collected from the authentication service and kept. User’s email represents their identity and that email is compared after each subsequent authentication.


HDF Product Designer obtains user information from their authentication service so users have full control over what about them is shared between this application and the service.

User login sessions last six days from the login time. As a best practice we recommend logging out (quitting) from the application daily.

Supported Authentication Services

NASA Earthdata Login

If you don’t have NASA Earthdata Login account, please register first. The process requires NASA’s approval so it may take some time.

Sign in to NASA Earthdata Login website, go to My Applications tab, press “Approve More Applications” (if necessary), find and approve HDF Product Designer application to access your profile as shown in Fig. 2.


Fig. 2 Web page for approving HDF Product Designer application